How much do you charge?

We prefer to quote projects on a per piece/foot rate in alignment with a current price index. However, when a job is to small and that is impossible, our shop rate is $55.00 per hour.

How come I can hire a guy for $25 and you charge $55?

This is an excellent question. In the construction industry we realize that there are people trying to do business under the radar by not carrying the proper liability insurance, no WCB and no business #.

These are just a few of the unseen expenses in construction contracting, and just hiring a "guy"  is a risky venture. Do you really want to risk a frivolous lawsuit because a "guy" got hurt or wrecked your home?

With RMR you get the security of not having to risk your investment and home.

I have a rental unit that's needs immediate repair, can you do that?

We understand that this is a special category of construction and your investment dollars are on the line.

RMR prides ourselves on fast & efficient service. We can be available for this service 7 days a week and we will not waste one minute of your time and get your rental earning income.

I want to remove a wall, can you do that?

The best answer is, not always, sometimes and of course we can.

There are many factors to this question, the first being, is the wall a load bearing structure, do you need a structural engineer and a permit?

How much electrical, plumbing is in the wall, will a permit be required to move these? 

Can you do some electrical & plumbing work?

We are available to replace fixtures and fix leaks, however, if you are wanting new service installations that will require a permit we can refer you to our industry partners.

What do you do when you are not working?

It is not uncommon to find me on the water in my kayak, fishing our local lakes.

I also believe in ongoing professional development and during the winter months I seek out industry related upgrading. I am currently working on my NCSO designation.