About Us

 John McDaniel began his apprenticeship in interior building systems during the late ’80s in the Fraser Valley. Since then, John has gained the experience that comes from building all types of construction from Vancouver’s high rises, commercial developments, single & multi-home residential and renovations throughout Western Canada.

Building systems and regional building codes can vary widely and John has the experience to ensure your project receives the appropriate product and installation. For over thirty years, John has kept current with these building systems and takes great pride in delivering this experience for you.

Our business approach, ethics, policies, and pricing is all about openness and honesty. We are not going to back door costs with low-ball quotes. We cost jobs upfront to ensure you have the peace of mind knowing your budget won’t be blown.

As with any purchase, you get exactly what you pay for! We urge all potential customers to do their homework. With RMR we only use Premium products, installed correctly to ensure all manufacturer warranties all valid for the lifetime of the product.

With RMR you have the peace of mind knowing that we are careful to minimize your liability as a homeowner, by carrying our own liability insurance, Worksafe BC and meet all of our employment obligations, so that you, the customer, do not have to worry about expensive surprises!

In 2016 John McDaniel graduated the Occupational Health & Safety program from B.C.I.T. as well as receiving certification as a Construction Safety Officer. This means you can be assured that all work performed on your project by RMR, will be not only compliant with WorkSafeBC Regulations but will be done with the best practices available to protect the workers’ and yourself from injury during the building process.

Did you know…..that if someone hurts themselves on your property, in your employ, you may be liable for their medical costs, as well as retraining (if required) costs?